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A peek into the future: Where is the vehicle industry headed?

Think back a bit into the past. Do you remember when vehicles had no proximity sensors? Now come back to the present day where some vehicles such as the Google car can drive themselves. That should tell you how much the automobile industry is changing. It’s not just about how you drive anymore but what makes a car worth driving. From appearance to performance, you can see the efforts manufacturers are putting into coming up with more futuristic and interesting cars. So, where is this industry headed?

Eco fuelling

With the world going green, fuel has become a major concern these days. Therefore, vehicles are powered using alternative sources of fuel. Nowadays, you have the privilege of owning an affordable electric car that doesn’t pollute the air at all. Apart from electricity, there is also the solar car that uses the sun’s energy to power its engine. That means that soon into the future, there might not be any fuelling stations.  Your car will be constantly charging every time you park or drive.


Take a good look around. Vehicles are being built for more and more speed. Nowadays, most upcoming vehicles have a sport driving option that gives you more torque and power for a fast driving experience. Even luxury vehicles are fitted with powerful engines for great speeds. Moreover, the number of road super cars and hyper cars is ever increasing. Just imagine the speeds you could be driving at in the future. It’s going to be phenomenal!

Grand designs

If you are keen enough, you should have noticed how vehicle designs have been changing with different generations and eras. That said, the 21st Century has witnessed some of the best designs in history. Just look at the aero and classic appearance of the Aston Martin or the masculine designs of popular German machines like the Range Rover and Volkswagen. You have to agree that they are quite impressive. If this is the direction the industry is heading, then some of the greatest car designs are yet to come. Just wait and see.


No more wheels

There is a pretty high probability that most future vehicles won’t have any tyres. In case you haven’t noticed, advances in technology are being made so that cars will no longer have wheels. Instead, they will be hovering if not fully flying. How vehicles will be able to do this comfortably is still a mystery but it won’t be long until further technological ground is broken into the future. Even though a commercial flying car hasn’t been launched yet, it won’t be long until innovators come up with a close replica or something more impressive and practical for commercial purposes.

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